More than just new destinations for your trip

Why choose

As a product provider and business owner why should you choose

1: Use the Wisewally listing toolkit to interact with Regional & Global traffic.
Use the "listing and shout out tools" to capitalize on the regional and international travel browsers and travel audience and convert the shadow interest into future bookings.

2: Boost your indirect and direct enquiries into bookings.
Your complete Profile, location, address and rates are displayed for browsers to familiarize themselves with and ultimately make contact for a booking.

3: Reach the regional and international traveller wherever they may find themselves.
The Wisewally platform has a global feel and presence - so anybody can access your product and profile wherever there is internet & connectivity.

4: Take advantage of the rapidly developing mobile environment.
Wisewally's mobile presence is available on any smart device which makes it even easier to reach the wider travel audience + for the wider travel audience to reach you.

5: will cast the floodlights on your features
Your ability to change, update and rotate your images for your profile will keep the visitor engaged and focused on your product for a longer period of time.

6: This all comes at a fixed monthly fee.
This means that you will enhance your product at a minimum monthly financial outlay.

7: Our Shout-out tool will help you share your latest news.
Your profile has a Shout-out option which will give you the advantage of reaching the front of the "talked of- line" as your posted article and news runs to all the major social media outlets.

8: Multiple listings - Single account
You can have multiple listings for various products in different locations but still maintain a single "self-managed" account.

9: Search engine optimisation - SEO
We use "search engine optimisation" (key aspects to list higher of search engine pages) therefore our site is neatly positioned to showcase your product to a wide and influential audience.

10: Reports and statistics
Please use our built-in "reporting and statistical performance" add-on for your individual product - and keep track of the trends, insights and developments relating to interest shown in your product from the wider traveling internet environment.