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Heleena the Merwoman of St Helena Bay

Posted in St Helena Bay on Mar 13, 2017

Heleena the Merwoman of St Helena Bay

Laughingly she wipes her long dark brown hair from her eyes, with a splash she jumps off the back of the dolphin and plunges deep into the blue water of the ocean of St Helena Bay. A moment later she leaps from the sea, plants a playful kiss on the dolphin’s nose and with tail glimmering in the rays of sun, she swims off in the direction of Slipperbaai.

“Oh no! you have certainly not imaged it! The is Heleena the merwoman of St Helena Bay!”

Many have said that you often catch a glimpse of her along the shoreline of the bay. It is also told that Heelna has saved many an accomplished skipper’s boats from going under or smashing against the rocks, by showing them the way through the misty nights. In November 1497 a ship named St Gabriel almost ran aground on the rocks due to gale force winds took it completely of course. The captain saw the most beautiful woman that he has ever lied his eyes on with long brown hair waving in the wind with the most beautiful smile.

She kept on showing the captain to follow her and so he did. Eventually they veered into calmer waters and the captain decided to anchor there for the night. The next morning Captain Vasco da Gama woke up to and I quote from history books “a calm and tranquil bay”. He then decided to name it St Helena Bay. So please whenever you visit this beautiful town look far out across the seas and you might just spot a glimpse of “Heelna the Merwoman of St Helena Bay.”

Oh and before I forget when she waves at you pretty please wave back at her as we hold her very dear to our hearts.