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Heading up the West Coast - Why not stop in at St Helena Bay?

Posted in St Helena Bay on Sep 16, 2016

The West Coast is home to quintessential & charming fishing villages. They all furnish the most delicious seafood recipes, uncompromising atmosphere, authentic hospitality and the sense of laid back coastal tranquillity. 

A wide variety of self-catering, holiday accommodation can be found in St Helena Bay. There are Hotels, B&B’s, Self-Catering and glamorous Lodges to suit everyone’s needs or budget. The town itself also has an intriguing variety of restaurants, coffee shops and interesting little stores to discover. 
Like most West Coast villages, fishing is the big attraction. St Helena bay is one of South Africa’s premier fishing zones and its waters provide a daily yield for locals and guests.

One is encouraged to take a slow wander along the bays, a walk on a white beach, or take a refreshing swim and hike/Mtb on one of the countryside routes. For those with a flavour for the outdoors the St Helena bay coastline offers Historical sites, Traditional restaurants for West coast cuisine, hiking trails ,Beach walks, Whale watching, Horse riding, Kayaking, sport diving and a full golf course at Shelly Point.
This West Coast village especially famed for its seafood, hospitality and humility is easily reached from Cape Town and will hypnotise callers with its unpretentious atmosphere and unique natural beauty.

A few Terrific things to do in St Helena bay.

1. Play Golf – St Helena bay has a full 18-hole golf course situated close to the beach and in the secure tranquil estate of Shelly Point. Green fairways, immaculate greens and a friend relaxing and engaging clubhouse.
2. Walk on the endless white beaches – St Helena bay has numerous long white beaches. These stretch all along the coastline and entice guests to forget the daily stresses and absorb the peace and calm.
3. Have an authentic wood fired pizza – Drop in at the local Piccopizza -Pizzaria and grab an authentic food fired pizza of your choice. Friendly owners and staff ensure an enduring experience. 
4. Take in a coffee and breakfast – The Palm lifestyle centre hosts the funky Takgali coffee shop where local inspired breakfasts are fused with traditional hearty meals and served with West Coast hospitality
5. Grab a meal – Book in at the Alegria Restaurant for a magnificent setting accompanied with sincere and whole-hearted food and generosity. Great views, tranquil setting and relaxing atmosphere matched by good menu and friendly staff.
6. Swim in the sea – Grab your beach gear and towel and head to Britannia bay for a day at the beach. Swim, play beach sports, relax, read a book, and clutch onto some serenity while you are there.
7. Take in the historical sites – St Helena bay is scattered with Historical sites from an Old Portuguese Cross, Statues to bygone grave sites. Take a slow drive along the coastal tar road and discover some interesting chronological aspects and Historical locations.
8. Do the peninsula day trip – St Helena bay is located on the Cape West Coast peninsula and therefore lends itself to be a suitable centre point for one to explore the other towns and activities in the area.
9. Cycle on a coastline twin track – Take your group and cycle on a jeep track along the coastline above the waterline through the Paternoster reserve. The track will lead you from St Helena bay to Paternoster on a winding and undulating course through magic vistas supplemented by fresh sea air, deep blue ocean water and crystal clear skies.
10. Just do as little as possible and seize as much relaxation as you can – need we say any more……

Bonus points at this time of year
1. Eat a lot of seafood and home-made sweet treats
2. Take a drive and view the flowers – It may be a little wet today however there is a good chance that sun will be around this weekend - and the wild flowers love the sun.  It’s the wild flower season –and the countryside is delivering a spectacular show. Get packing and head up the west Coast to see this phenomena of epic proportions.