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So there is still brilliance in the Cape Town entertainment scene.

Posted in Cape Town City on Apr 27, 2016

So there is still brilliance in the local entertainment scene. Last night we had the pleasure of a long, ‘in-the-traffic’ journey from Cape Town out to Noordhoek. Not the best way to start a mid-week weekend, with the following day being a public holiday, but we braved our way through taxis, late night shoppers and even the occasional mental cyclist who dare cycle the highway at dusk in rush hour until we hit Ou Kaapse Weg, where somehow life immediately becomes a holiday. Our GPS lady guided us up and over the pass to Noordhoek to arrive at our destination, Café Roux at the Farm Village complex. Parking was a bit of a mare, but we managed to wedge our car into a spot very close to the entrance of the venue. The key here is do not come late. Those who got there early and on time said parking was a breeze, but of course we considered ourselves fashionably late; not at all because of ill planning or anything like that. As you can see 'the pleasure' mentioned at the begining of this article had not yet started. Things were about to change... 

The host greeted us and showed us to our table in a packed venue. There was not a seat left. A sold out show. Why? Because Café Roux is one the few venues left still supporting local music as much as it can. Because one of Cape Town’s finest bands, MacStanley, were playing an intermit gig of a collection of songs from all of the albums. Because the menu is small but the food is excellent. Because there is a decent wine list and a well-stocked bar. Because the service was excellent and the locals clearly know this and support not only Café Roux, but all its ideals it upholds. We loved the elegant casual atmosphere and the great speed at which food and drinks arrive at Café Roux.

MacStanley played a set that brought early material back to life and made it fill the room with a warmth that enveloped one like a blanket on a chilly evening. The beautiful arrangement of each song allowed the audience to bask in the brilliance of this band. I cannot recommend a live experience with them highly enough. Between each song humorous stories were shared with the audience making it feel as if we were part of the family of 6 on the stage. We listened, laughed, ate, drank and thoroughly enjoyed this intimate experience.

If you would like to experience this, check out the Café Roux website for their upcoming line ups and definitely make sure the check out the MacStanley Facebook page. You just have to see these guys live.