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10 unrushed and engaging things to do in St Helena bay this weekend.

Posted in St Helena Bay on Feb 24, 2016

10 unrushed and engaging things to do in St Helena bay this weekend.

St Helena bay on the Cape West Coast, on the outset ,will seem like a distant village with little to attract one –"but too wrong you will be" - rest assured this dynamic coastal fishing village is overflowing with historical and deep rooted hospitality + overflowing with a notion of welcoming and warmth. 
Besides the great cuisine, wide open spaces, crisp blue and refreshing Ocean the area has quite a lot to offer.

Here are just a few attractions and activities worth looking into on your weekend away, to this hidden little Gem.

  • Walk on the mighty white beach in Britannia Bay

Being uniquely situated on the sheltered side of a big deep-water bay the white sand beaches have formed over time and deliver, what may seem as an endless beach with nothing around except your thoughts, the sound of small waves and the wind and bird calls to keep your tranquil thoughts company. Take advantage of the isolation and unspoilt beaches during your stay.

  • Take in a tasty meal at the De Palm Restaurant (Shearwater street – 071 3063582) or at JP’s pub n grill (33 main road – 072 5351942/0837417787)

Both these options have an endless supply of character, charm and atmosphere accompanied by great traditional dishes and Chef’s favourites.  Their rugged beauty and rustic settings will have you entertained and enjoying the meal and local in house entertainment (When available).

  • Get your homemade treats and preserves at the Windpomp Deli (Main Road- Old Midwest factory building)

This roadside Deli (located right next to JP’s Pub n Grill) will have you amazed as to the wide range and variety of country / home-styled products they have on offer - daily and weekly. Hosted and family run this bubbly little venue will have you purchasing nice n tasty little tit-bits for your stay in St Helena bay.

  • Go for a long walk on one of the walking Trails in the area

The uniqueness of the countryside and the magical views abound create a perfect setting for great countryside walks or long beach strolls. This area has a few laid out walks (unguided) that will either take you on a pleasant route down south along the coastal area towards Paternoster or you can meander across the hills and plains in a big loop. Details can be obtained from the Tourism info office or from Judy’s Coffee shop & Nursery.

  • Take a sightseeing boat trip on the bay or book a fishing trip that will captivate. Contact- 084 6454212

A few options are available in order to get onto the pleasant waters of this great big Bay. The ocean wild life is abundant and sightseeing / pleasure trips are encouraged. If you have your own craft there are beach launching sights and a very good slipway in the harbour for an easier launching. Deep water fishing trips can be arranged from Cape Town or info can be supplied by the tourism office in Paternoster or St Helena bay.

  • Tuck into a good coffee & home-made meals at the Takgali Coffee shop -Contact -0824144945

This soothing and comforting little Gem can be found at the De Palm Lifestyle centre in St Helena bay.  The name means “Peace of Joy” and it is just that, Great tasting coffee, fillings and authentic traditional sweet and savoury recipes are accompanied with the friendly and warm welcoming of Shirley and her team. Be sure to reserve your morning as sitting back here and taking in the surrounding will need more than just an hour – most relaxing and a great place to unwind. 

  • Play a round of golf at the Shelly Point Golf course -  Contact – 022 742-1906

Located just behind the Bon Hotel and Resort this 9-hole golf course has spectacular views of the bay on all sides. The green fairways roll between the resident’s homes and from time to time are themselves home to the small buck and antelope found in the area.  Take in a day of 9 holes, and then a relaxing evening dinner or drinks at the Bon Hotel overlooking the Bay and its outrageous sunsets.

  • Take the gravel/country path along the coastline to Paternoster

A winding country road runs along the Coast from St Helena bay to Paternoster following the contours close to the shoreline. There are small secluded bays and lookout points along this gravel route (4x4 a must for the entire route) for a timeless and unrushed journey + to take in the wide open coastline and the crisp blue sea.

  • Relax and isolate yourself from the busy world at one of the accommodation offerings in Shelly Point

The Shelly Point development at the end of St Helena bay sports a wide variety of holiday houses as well as Self-catering and B&B’s options to suit all. Try out -The Oystercatcher, Silver bay Villa or for a Hotel feel; look into the Bon Hotel for accommodation on your next trip up the West coast

  • Bring your camera along and get some artistic shots of this enticing bay.

All along the big bay of St Helena one will be able to find lookout points for exquisite photo opportunities. Fascinating rock formations, gatherings of birds, Fishing Boats, the small harbour and historical sites all make perfect backdrops or interesting focus points for photos. On top of any of the small hilly outcrops, one will have the perfect vantage point to take images that will capture the essence of this small coastal fishing village.

  • Watch the Sun come up over the water and then watch the sun set over the water – all from the same place…

St Helena sports one of the rarest natural phenomena - from its unique formation and position one can watch the early morning sun, rise over the Ocean, and then after a fantastic day filled with relaxation, adventure, sightseeing or just chilling –one can watch the sun set over the very same Ocean- a very rare aspect indeed.