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Another Ten reasons why South Africa is still a perfect holiday destination to Visit & Explore.

Posted in Langebaan on Jan 14, 2016

Diverse unspoilt landscapes and unbridled serenity.
South Africa is undoubtedly blessed with unrivalled scenery and spectacular opportunities to capture the mesmeric landscapes. The country is surrounded on three sides by influential Oceans which have assisted in creating the dynamic landscapes found from North to South and East to West. Massive Mountain ranges, wide open spaces, lush green belts and unspoilt open plains filled with wildlife. 

Large integrated cities for comforts, culture and urban adventures
South African cities are amongst the most diverse in the world and are a cauldron of hum, hustle and bustle with energy, zing and loads of flavour on all streets and corners. The cities and large country towns have modern first world facilities – with smaller country and coastal towns having suitable amenities to cater for everyone’s needs.

An Adventure Tourists best port of call – for Air, Sea and Land based activities
Responsible tourism is at the fore-front with all of South Africa’s adventure activity options. Here in this great country thrill-seekers and sightseers together with naturists and keen enthusiasts can either find their passion in the Air, on the Sea, or on the land with wildlife Safari’s, Ocean adventures or adrenaline activities offered in most areas close at hand. 

A complex and intriguing History 
Undoubtedly, South Africa has a very colourful past, it nevertheless has a very complex history which has resulted and made the opportunities of today. The country side is dotted with Historical sites and areas which contributed to the colourful present. From the earliest settler touch points right through to the traditional battle sites, ancient cities, first mining establishments, ancient civilizations, the cradle of mankind, as well as more recent significant sites - are all easily accessible when travelling on any recommended travel route or guided adventure.

Surrounded on three sides by Oceans –Rich in Wildlife and a water enthusiast’s playground.
From getting your feet wet on a moonlit-beach or sun-tanning on a secluded and unspoilt beach right through to cage diving with Great white sharks or viewing the mighty Whales, one will be able to find a pleasing pastime on or near the Ocean. The coastline stretches from the Orange River (where one can white water raft) past Langebaan (kitesurfing mecca, and a natural lagoon for other water sports), round the Cape peninsula (renowned for any and all watersports ) and then up the south coast (Whale watching) via the Eastern Cape (Tistiskama) and then the Natal coastline (great fishing, and watersports).
Olive, Cheese, Brandy and Wine routes –for your leisure and Pallet
South Africa has a few intrinsic industries that offers any type of traveller the opportunity to partake and ravel in the delights of some of South Africa’s pleasurable pastimes. Fine Cuisine is matched by the various Food and Wine routes dotted around the country. The well-known wine routes of the Cape Province will allow enthusiasts to engage with the majestic Wine farms, Wine makers and fun packed Wine tasting presentations. The Brandy, Olive and Cheese routes of South Africa are diverse and have outlets throughout the Country, - The Brandy Route however is situated in the Cape Province and is a real country treat and well worth the effort.

Diverse country regions that offer unforgettable hospitality and an enlightening experience
South Africa is blessed with a kaleidoscope of cultures spread throughout the entire country. One can experience the essence of an African lifestyle ranging from the Zulu and Xhosa villages in the eastern and southern parts of the country to the sparse villages of the Karoo and the Western side. One will always find the hospitality and welcoming nature in abundance wherever you go. 

Various options for a unique and fulfilling Safari
An almost perfect Natural dynamic has come together in South Africa to reveal a unique set of Safari opportunities in all corners of this great country. The West Coast, with its harsh and savage making, gives rise to endemic wildlife, picturesque landscapes and humble lifestyles. The interior with the Karoo, Kalahari,Northern Cape offer a different set of natural aspects to view and relax in – with 5 star Safari products and services to accompany the eye opening beauty. The Coastal areas are lush, with extensive marine activities on offer, great connecting roads, fantastic amenities and big cities. All Safaris are well run, have a high standard and will accommodate any type of visitor or traveller. 

Unbeatable outdoor experiences
The mild and beautiful weather complements the breath-taking scenery throughout the spectacular lookout locations all over the country. The great weather allows the outdoor enthusiast to partake in activities ranging from pleasure hikes, tree-top zip-line runs to sea fishing, whale watching and the ever popular sky diving or para-gliding. 

The Internationally recognized cuisine – both traditional and unique South African fine-dining
South African chefs and cooks are internationally recognized as being of the highest standard and they can prepare traditional comfort recipes or five star fine dining menus as one requests. South Africa has a strong cultural history and that shows in the diverse cuisine tastes that spread from West to East and North to South

All these aspects make SA a firm destination to explore, experience or to invigorate and inspire you.