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Head up the Cape West Coast this Summer and experience its grandeur

Posted in St Helena Bay on Dec 10, 2015

There has never been a better time than right now to visit and explore the West Coast of South Africa. The majestic Summer months have arrived, which all means the weather has turned sunny, hot and the local residents are even more friendly & hospitable. The landscapes which contrasting and unique, range from rugged coastlines, dotted with funky coastal villages, long white beaches, inviting lagoons, mountains and wide open plains.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to visit this exciting part of South Africa on your next outing.

Pack your Bird-watching gear and head to the Rocherpan, Elands Bay Vlei and the Berg river mouth-wetland.
Rocherpan is a shallow freshwater lake, The Berg River is a year-round flowing river + the Elands Bay Vlei wetland can be accessed very easily. When the water level drops over a period of time from Winter to the Summer months, along come a wide range of various species of birds ranging from large flocks of Pelicans & Flamingos to shallow water Waders & Ducks. The pan, river and wetlands + surrounding areas are a very important breeding area for the Cape and migratory birds, + provides protection + a close proximity to localized food sources. The Rocherpan, Elands Bay Vlei & the Berg river wetland have well-positioned birds hides, which make leisure bird-watching easy and comfortable.

Visit the hidden, relaxing & quint essential Coastal Village of Jacobsbaai
The Village’s houses and homes are built around several little intricate small rocky bays or coves. Here one can drift away from the daily stresses by walking on the white beaches, breathing in the clean fresh air and dinning on the tranquil and friendly coastal Folk hospitality. The famous little “Weskusplek”, is a white-washed restaurant built right on the rocks with a small curious shop. It is an absolute treat and well worth a visit or three. The food is good and the portions generous, with the most amazing views to boot. It is undoubtedly one of the prettiest places along the West Coast and is well worth a visit.

Drive through the countryside visit and stay in Darling
The town of Darling, which lies slightly inland from the other West Coast Towns is a quaint and rustic village filled with well-known artists, antique shops, fun places to eat and well worth the time and effort. There are cozy accommodation establishments and well-known restaurants to choose from. For entertainment there is the World Famous “Evita se Paron” (a stage show to match International notability and recognition), flower shows, markets and unique hospitality.

Bring your Wine tasting repertoire along and tuck into the West Coast Wines.
The Darling area, Verdendal area and in-between are well known for their vineyards, wines and wine cellars and the local wine producers are great supporters of nature and natural processes. A nobal aspect of West Coast wine-making is that for every hectare under a vineyard, an additional hectare of natural vegetation is committed to conservation, thereby ensuring sustainability of the entire area. Cloof, Swartland, Vredendal and Groote Post wineries are just a few of the many Cellars offering wine tasting,a good restaurant and an enjoyable day outdoors.

Visit the West Coast Fossil Park and be inspired by the Area’s paleontological past
The notorious short-necked giraffes, African bears, three-toed horses and sabre-toothed cats were all common animals found in this area some five million years ago, Today they can be viewed at the West Coast Fossil Park (Langebaanweg) where interaction with these fossils, paleontologists and information packs can be experienced. Here the areas ancient world can now be viewed in a modern day opportunity.

Take in a soul searching or romantic stroll on one of the many long white unspoilt beaches.
Long white beaches that go on for kilometres are a major attraction of the West Coast. Long gentle strolls and romantic walks are always good for the soul and these beaches offer the best soul search occasions. The coastal towns of Yzerfontien (16 mile beach), Church haven, Langebaan (Lagoon), Saldanha, Paternoster (Columbine Reserve), St Helena bay (Britannia bay) all have famous long white stretches of unspoilt and non commercial beaches for ones unbridled pleasure. These beaches are near the village facilities and we'll placed to lure you into staying in the area for an extended period of time.

Bring along your water sport kit and get the full enjoyment on the Langebaan Lagoon
Traditionally lagoons form at river mouths, but in this case the Langebaan lagoon, is entirely fed by the cold Atlantic Ocean with its Bengueala current and rich in nutrients environment. These unique characteristics allow the formation of wide expands of saltmarsh features which are spectacular for birding and fishing. The lagoon is well protected from the Ocean coastline and provides an internationally re-known water-sports mecca for all types of Ocean wind sports as well as leisure motor activities. It is home to a small craft harbor at Mykonos & a well-equipped yacht club.
Restaurants and pubs line the Lagoon shores and can be a perfect spot to chill, relax and be entertained while watching the water sport enthusiasts enjoying themselves.
There are Four islands which lie within the boundaries of the lagoon: Schaapen, Malgas (home to a Cape gannet colony), Marcus (African Penguins) and Jutten. These Islands provide the leisure visitor and sightseer with options to take in the beauty of the surroundings while getting good sightings of the ever present bird-life.

Slow cruise up the Coastline and stop off at some of the many famed West Coast Restaurants and beach-side bistros.
Heading up the R27 one will never be far from rustic, cozy, hospitable and quality restaurants + Bistro’s to stop off and tuck into tasty and unique menus. All the way up from Yzerfontein, Darling, Langebaan, Paternoster, St Helena bay and Velddrif any visitor and guest can enjoy traditional West Coast cuisine or modern wide scope menus at International standard + acknowledged venues. West Coast menus are complemented by well sourced wines matched with postcard views overlooking the Ocean or mesmerizing open country-sides.

The West Coast offers a variety of encounters with the historical past and the surrounding Nature.
A variety of opportunities occur up on the West Coast in order to look into the past and to enjoy the open countryside on foot through hiking trails and Heritage activities. Nature trails, Beach Hikes, slow paced strolls, and Heritage walks all are on offer along the coastline and within the area. There are also Nature Parks to enjoy where enthusiast can engage at a slow pace with the Game and bird-life. The wide open spaces and plains provide tranquil views and ensures memories forever.